Our Staff

At The Literacy Center, we have a dedicated staff of full-time and part-time employees who are deeply committed to the mission of providing education for work, family, and life. See below for each staff member’s name, title, extension, and email address.

Sara Hailstone, Interim Executive Director, Ext. 114 SHailstone@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

Jessica Dreistadt, Development Director, Ext. 112 JDreistadt@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

Christine Bauder, Ext. 119 cbauder@theliteracycenter-lv.org

Christine Bauder, Community/Public Outreach, Ext 119


Katherine Gallagher, Counseling Coordinator, Ext. 122 KGallagher@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

Judit Garger JGarger@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org Ext. 113

Judit Garger, Curriculum Coordinator, Ext.113


Stephanie Ferguson, GED Counselor, Ext. 110 SFerguson@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

John Flamisch, Ext. 117 jflamisch@theliteracycenter-lv.org

John Flamisch, Special Projects Manager, Ext. 117

Solymar Flores SFlores@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org Ext. 111

Solymar Flores, Data Specialist, Ext. 111

Elias Makkad, Controller, Ext. 118 Emakkad@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

Elias Makkad, Controller, Ext. 118 EMakkad@TheLiteracyCenter-LV.org

Mark Blasini, Technology Coordinator, Ext. 121