GED Resources

Try out these GED resources to develop your academic skills and ace the GED test.


This site gives you information on the GED test, including how to apply, what’s on the test, how to get study materials, and more.

GED Practice Test

This site gives you free GED practice tests you can try to see how prepared you are to take the GED test. All questions are updated to cover the same material on the latest version of the GED. 

Test Prep Toolkit

This site is one of the top GED test prep websites today. They offer free practice tests and online courses for all GED subjects.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free videos and practice resources to develop your academic skills.


Newsela is a news website designed to help readers build their reading comprehension through leveled articles, real-time assessments and actionable insights.


ReadWorks is another cool site that helps build your reading comprehension through free lessons.