Michael’s Story

For most of his life, Michael always held regret for having dropped out of high school.  His biggest disappointment in himself came when his daughter followed his path and also dropped out of high school.  However, it wasn’t until he realized that he didn’t want his five young grandchildren following in his footsteps that he decided to make a change for himself.  That’s when he came to The Literacy Center.

At the Center, Michael took classes to prepare himself for the GED.  It took a lot of work – it had been thirty years since he had been in school – but with the help of his GED instructor at the Center, he was able to complete the coursework and, in 2015, earn his GED, fulfilling one of his life goals.

Now, Michael is happy that he is able to help his grandchildren with their homework.  He is proud of the accomplishment he was able to make for himself after so many years of regret.  Not only that, but he is a dedicated member of his community, volunteering his time at a local not-for-profit, helping guide the lives of young people in the Lehigh Valley.