Family Literacy

The Literacy Center values the importance parents play in their children’s education. ¬†We therefore do all we can to support parents in helping their children become lifelong readers and succeed at school. Some beliefs that we hold with regards to family literacy are:

  • Parents have a strong hand in supporting their children’s love of reading
  • Parents should foster their children’s literacy by reading to them aloud, regardless of the parent’s home language or ability to speak English
  • Reading should be made fun and entertaining for children

In addition to running a small, but diverse library of children books for our students to use to read to their children at The Literacy Center, we also inform students of opportunities to develop their children’s literacy throughout the community.

How to Learn More:

  • Check out our blog to learn more about Family Literacy opportunities coming up
  • Check out our Family Literacy Resources page to find out ways to build your child’s literacy