The Literacy Center is dedicated to assisting our students not only in developing English-speaking or GED proficiency, but in handling the many challenges of life. For this reason, we occasionally will offer various workshops for students already enrolled in classes. If you are a student at The Literacy Center, please feel free to ask us about any upcoming workshops available. The workshops include

Basic computer literacy

Teaches students computer basics, including turning on a computer, typing, creating and saving documents, and exploring the Internet.

Resume writing

Teaches students how to create a strong resume that gets you interviews.

Handling interviews

Teaches students how to answer common interview questions and even gives students a mock interview for practice.

Health and nutritional literacy

Educates students on basic health and nutrition, including dieting, going to the doctor, and cooking.

Financial literacy

Educates students on managing finances, including opening a bank account, budgeting, and saving money.

Conversation club

Provides a space for students to develop their English speaking skills.

Citizenship club

Helps ESL students seeking to attain citizenship prepare for passing the citizenship test.